Allergic Tests

Remember! 14 days before making allergic tests do not take any anti-histamine medicine!

Allergic tests (also called prick tests) are basic examinations done in the allergist’s room. Their aim is to detect the potential allergens that cause an allergy.

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The examination includes putting drops of allergens on shoulders (sometimes back) and additional two substances checking the proper reactions of the skin (positive or negative control), next, the doctor pricks them with a small lancet.

Negative control (solvent for allergens) at proper conditions does not show any reaction. While positive control (most often a histamine solution) at proper conditions always gives a positive reaction in the form of a bubble. The result of the examination is known in a few minutes. It is worth remembering that the positive result does not means an allergy.


In order to find out what cause the allergy, there are used varied metals (for instance the elements of jewellery), substances that are used in cosmetic creams, ointments, hair dyes, cosmetics, medicine used locally and many more.

The tests are done on the back where moistened blotting paper stay on the skin for 48 hours. The results are received after 48 and 72 hours after they were put on.