Pyruvic peeling is suitable for all skin types. It will cope with scars of adolescent acne and with burdensome blackheads.
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Pyruvic peeling is a pyruvic acid that belongs to the group of alpha-ketones. In the environment it is present in apples, fermented fruits, vinegar.


Peeling performed with the use of the pyruvic acid has the following effect:

  • exfoliating
  • bacteriostatic
  • regulates sebum production, reducing acne seborrhea
  • at the levelmof the dermis, it stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, reducing fine wrinkles and improving the skin’s appearance


  • acne scars
  • seborrheic dermatitis
  • acne in active phase
  • photoaging
  • hyperkeratosis of the epidermis

Pyruvic peeling is available at concentrations of 40, 60 and 60 strong. The selection is determined by your doctor.


Chemical Peeling

MEDIDERMA is a Spanish dermatological company established by a practicing dermatologist, who created, for his own needs, a few lines of chemical peels, and has expanded each of them by adding the appropriate chemicals depending on the needs of the skin type and problem, which exists in a given patient.

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Having this peelings allows us to meet the needs of each patient, because we can adapt to any problem or even to a few medical problems individually, to every skin type and phototype, to the skin sensitivity, etc.


These peels can be combined with each other and properly reinforced using enhancers that are available in the kit.
Indications and contraindications to their use are determined by the doctor. The treatment can be performed by a beautician after establishing indications and the right kind of peeling to the appropriate type of skin by a doctor.


It stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, activates cellular regeneration, shows keratolytic effect, cleanses the skin, regulates the colour, regulates sebum production, prevents after-inflammatory discolorations that may occur in patients with phototype III-IV after the application of glycolic acid, retinol or hydroquinone. Reduces wrinkles, lightens stains and discoloration, is helpful in treating acne. It can be used all year round, because it does not stimulate post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation !!!



AFA are the first products in the history that use precious acidic amino acids responsible for the retention of moisture in the skin.
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It is the perfect combination of antioxidants that act quickly and effectively with exfoliating substances, extremely useful in the fight against photopigmentation. AFA are not AHA, i.e. they are not fruit acids found in ripe fruit. These are also not vitamins. Therefore, AFA is not AHA, i.e. not fruit acids found in ripe fruit. They are also not vitamins. They can be found in seeds and buds, but never in mature plants. The care program in the beauty parlour with the use of AFA gels consists in a gentle exfoliation of dead cells of the stratum corneum. This treatment effectively supports the natural process of reconstruction and regeneration of the skin.
AFA gels loosen the intercellular skin structures. By removing the top layer of dead cells they provide an opportunity to better penetrate the deeper layers of the epidermis. Amino fruit acids present in gels, that are based on filaggrin, penetrate into the granular layer of the epidermis, thereby improving the ability to bind and maintain moisture in the skin. Just after a few days the skin is more hydrated, thus gaining a fresh and radiant appearance.


The process of exfoliation of the epidermis with a better retention of moisture in the skin effectively prevents skin aging. It significantly reduces fine wrinkles. The skin looks young and very attractive. The structure of the skin surface improves becoming more flexible and firm. Treatments with fruit acids are a good option for the skin with post-solar discolorations and age spots. The AFA peeling smoothes post-solar effects and age spots on hands and helps to lighten pigmentation.


The treatment with AFA is also an ideal solution for problematic, oily skin. It normalizes the amount of sebum produced by the skin, uncloggs the pores, prevents the formation of blackheads. As a result of the AFA gels, the pores become reduced. Minor acne scars become reduced, deep ones become smooth. This treatment perfectly improves skin tone and firmness.




Its antibacterial and bleaching effect has been used for years in medicine to treat such skin problems as: acne, photoageing or irregular discoloration. Mandelic acid gently exfoliates the skin, rejuvenates and does not cause irritation.

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It is obtained by hydrolysis of bitter almond extract. The chemical structure of mandelic acid is similar to the structure of the used and well-known antibiotics. It is a non-toxic substance. The researchers have found that the structure of the mandelic acid is of a dual nature. The same as AHA, it shows a significant cosmetic effect and documented antibacterial properties.
The peeling with the use of a mandelic acid gives the effect of a marked improvement in the shallow wrinkles in patients from I to IV phototype, lighter colour of superficial discoloration and scarring, reduction of melasma, and because of the bactericidal properties of the mandelic acid it is possible to improve the acne skin with blackheads and inflammatory blemishes.


Treatments may be repeated every 15-30 days.



The first peeling that restores the physiological pH to the skin. It is an anti-ageing peeling, which visibly improves the skin condition and emphasizes its natural beauty.
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  • Wrinkles
  • Loss of elasticity
  • Loss of radiance
  • Discoloration
  • Acne
  • Uneven skin


The peeling is very safe, suitable for all skin types, it can be used all year round.

GLYKOPEEL is a complementary method in the antiageing prevention. It is an ideal complement to the injections during one treatment /mesotheraphy, fillers/. It can be a complementary treatment to the needle mesotherapy NCTF HA.

It is advisable to perform 4 glykopeel treatments at intervals of 7-10 days with subsequent needle mesotherapy NCTF HA.

Easy Peel


Easy Peel is a new concept of peeling used in a progressive rejuvenation therapy.

The patient does not require preparation before the treatment. It is not necessary to degrease the skin. After the treatmenr, appropriate moisturizing creams are used and a solar shading. The treatments are performed at weekly intervals for four weeks. Repeating the cycle ensures getting better results.

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There are no contraindications to Easy Peel treatments, except some cases of significant reduction in immunity. Very rare side effects are longer lasting redness and discoloration that decrease with each subsequent peeling and with a possible use of tyrosinase inhibitors.

The reason for the unsatisfactory result here is frequently too old skin. The effects in these cases can only be obtained by using combination therapies, e.g. a laser or a plastic surgery and Easy Peel.


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Discoloration
  • Acne and its remains
  • Treatment combined with other procedures
  • Obtaining the effect of “skin tightening” during the dietary treatment; Keratosis resulting from old age
  • Obtaining the effect of “tightening” of the skin and the therapeutic effect on the skin after excessive sun and/or excessive exposure to UVA lamp.



The experience of the recent years has shown that this is the most effective treatment removing pigment patches of hormonal origin.
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Cosmelan is the best way to discoloration!
It restores the balance of oily and combination skin and also shows rejuvenating properties.

This treatment has been well-known on the European market for several years. It is the result of several years of research in the field of hyperpigmentation carried out by E. Kruliga from Venezuela. Cosmelan is the only effective method of eliminating spots of various etiologies, even those that were resistant to other methods, even those that has been present for many years.

This therapy is tailored to the individual needs of each patient. It requires different times of application depending on the skin phototype.

Active agents in the preparations for home use and in a mask set up in the beauty parlour are: kojic acid, phytic acid, arbutin, palmitate, retinol, ascorbic acid.

The full effect of the treatment is visible after a month, but domestic cosmetics should be applied for three months. It is even advisable to use the home cream Cosmelan 2 a few years after the treatment at least 2 times a week to avoid the recurrence of the discoloration. Sometimes 2 treatments should be performed, but almost always one teatment is sufficient.
This treatment, apart from the fact that it removes discolourations, it brightens, removes freckles, pigmented spots and post-solar blemishes.
The treatment can be performed at any time of year, but requires the use of creams with at least 30 sunscreen in every season.

This treatment also narrows the pores, regulates sebum production, and in a very clear way stimulates the regeneration of collagen, resulting in a significant rejuvenation of the skin.
The treatment is performed by a doctor.